sexta-feira, maio 22, 2009

Hilariante e incorrecto

*Salvador é mesmo o melhor Stone e um dos grandes filmes da história do cinema. E mai nada!

- You said Guatemala, man,not El Salvador. Come on, I've never beenout of the country. They kill people here, Boyle.
- You believe everything in the papers? You'll love it here. Give me the joint.This is my last chance, man.I'm serious. If I can get some good combatshots for AP, I can make some money. I could pay you back.
-Better pay me back.
-We'll head for La Libertad...the best surfing beachin the world.Good times, kick back for a fewmonths. It'll be fantastic.You could live in this country for bucks a year.
- What the fuck is this?
- Mace.
- Mace? For what?
- Wild dogs.
- Yeah, wild dogs? That's bullshit.You've lied to me straight through.
- Want me to be honest with you?
- What are you doing with all these?
- Here you could have a life.
- What are all these?
- They come in handy.
- You're gonna love it here, Doc.
- I'm going home, man.
- You can drive drunk...and get anybody killed for 10$ .
- I don't want to.
- The best pussy in the world.Where else can you get a virginto sit on your face for seven bucks? Seven bucks.
- It better be the best pussyin the world...or I'm going home.
- Two virgins for twelve.
- You're just lucky I'm fucked up,you know that?
- Drugs? No prescriptions. They gotstuff that keeps you hard all night. All these people want to do is fuck.
- Twelve bucks? I think we can get them down.
- Now you're talking.
- You're such an asshole, Boyle.
- You're gonna love this place.You're gonna be in pig heaven, man.

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Rui Luís Lima disse...

Um dos melhores filmes de Oliver Stone, que anda infelizmente um pouco esquecido, foi bom recordar.
Abraço cinéfilo
Paula e Rui Lima

Luís disse...

O grandes planos não deixa esquecer estas pérolas. Grande abraço


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