quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2008

Dicionário Sopranico

Agita: anxiety, edginess, an upset stomach
Buon' anima: salutation meaning rest his soul.
Clip: to murder; also whack, hit, pop, burn, put a contract out.
Don: the head of the Family
Eat alone: to keep for one's self; to be greedy
Fanook: derived from "finocchio" or fennel, a derogatory term for homsexual or gay, i.e., people that wiseguys feel nervous around. A "mezzofinook" is half gay, sissy, bi
Goomah: a Mafia mistress; also comare.
Hit: to murder; also see whack.
In the wind: after you leave the Witness protection program you are "in the wind," meaning you're on your own somewhere out there.
Jamook: idiot, loser, lamebrained, you know, a jamook.
Lam: To lay low, go into hiding.
Moe Green Special: Getting killed with a shot in the eye, like the character, Moe Green, in The Godfather. One form of "sending a message."
Omertá: the much-vaunted Mafia vow of silence. In other words, don't rat on your friends. Transgression is punishable by death.
Pinched: to get caught by the cops
Rat: one who snitches or squeals after having been pinched.
Stugots: from stu cazzo or u' cazzu, the testicles. Tony Soprano's boat is The Stugots
Tizzun: Neapolitan derogatory term for black person.
Underboss: the second in command to the boss.
Va fa napole: "Go to Naples" (i.e., "Go to hell.").
Waste management business: euphemism for organized crime.

4 comentários:

Hugo disse...

A melhor série de sempre.

Luís disse...

Absolutamente de acordo! Nem mais! A melhor das Melhores!!!

abraço cinéfilo

Fifeco disse...

Nunca vi por acaso. Vão dar desde início na Fox Crime creio. Vou aproveitar para começar a minha odisseia sopranica.


Luís disse...

fifeco, põe ja o video a trabalhar! Assim que o Tony Soprano de agarrar, já não te solta mais. Foste avisado:)

um abraço sopranico


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