sexta-feira, maio 16, 2008


Silvio Dante: "A lot of top guys have dark moods. That Winston Churchill drank a quart of brandy before breakfast. Napoleon, he was a moody fuck, too. "

Bobby Baccalieri: "To the victor belongs the spoils."
Tony Soprano: "Why don't you get the fuck out of here before I shove your quotation book up your fat fucking ass."

Paulie Walnuts: He had two ass holes when they buried him...

Ralphie Ciferetto: Look at Kirk Douglas’ fucking hair? They did not have flattops in enchant Rome!

Carmella Soprano: You know, Tony, it's a multiple choice thing with you. 'Cause I can't tell if you're old-fashioned, you're paranoid, or just a fucking asshole.

Christopher Moltisanti: This ain't negotiation time. This is Scarface, final scene, fuckin' bazookas under each arm.

Uncle Junior: My father told me to never get old, I should of listened to him

Tony Soprano: "I didn't just meet you, I've known you my whole fucking life!"

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