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Beras de Hollywood - Parte I

De acordo com várias entrevistas feitas a alguns dos mais influentes players de Hollywood, a Radar Magazine chegou a estes resultados, onde estão presentes alguns dos tipos mais difícieis (se bem que na maior parte das vezes são também os mais talentosos) em actividade na Hollywood dos nossos dias.
Sendo assim aqui vai a 1ª categoria:

Prémio Realizador Tirano

Medalha de Ouro: Michael Mann
Medalha de Prata: Michael Bay

Mann (Heat, Collateral) just barely edged out Bay (The Rock, Armageddon) in this contentious category—no doubt thanks to horror stories from the set of Miami Vice, where the high-strung director threw frequent tantrums and humiliated just about everyone. In addition, he reportedly forced the cast and crew to shoot Miami exteriors during a Hurricane Katrina warning, and caused a frightened Jamie Foxx to flee the Dominican Republic after a moonlighting local soldier he had hired for protection shot a police officer during filming. Disney chief Oren Aviv was so appalled by Mann's rudeness that he has refused to speak to the director since the release of The Insider in 1999. It's one thing to be an asshole when you're raking in Oscar nods, it's another if you're breaking the bank on a feature-film remake of a TV show. After Mann blew up Vice's budget to a rumored $150 million (the pic has grossed only $62 million to date domestically), many Hollywood power players began wondering whether his on-set antics were worth the trouble.

As for Bay? "There's nonstop screaming, changing his mind, and blaming of everyone else for his mistakes," says the head of a film division, adding that these things are made worse by the fact that Bay is hardly as talented as Mann. "He's mean to everybody," says a marketing exec. "He always apologizes afterward, but it's still awful." A fellow director sums it up best: "I could be his brother-in-law and people wouldn't hesitate to overtly tell me, 'I hate that guy.'"

Menção Honrosa: James Cameron
Though he hasn't helmed a feature in nine years, the Titanic director—renowned for subjecting his crew to long hours, dreadful working conditions, and his own unbridled arrogance—still pulled in enough votes to earn a spot on our 2006 list. You gotta admire someone with that kind of staying power.

2 comentários:

Gonçalo Trindade disse...

Curioso... o Mann nunca me tinha dado a ideia de ser um realizador assim tão tirano... no caso dele e do Cameron, podem ser o mais arrogante que quiserem! Mas no caso do Bay...

Abraço, Luís

Luís Alves disse...

Mas parece que é Gonçalo. Se fores a vêr todos os personagens dele caracterizam-se pela dedicação obcessiva que dedicam ao seu trabalho. E parece que o mesmo se passa com o senhor Mann, que como consequência arrasta toda a equipe atrás dele nessa obcessão(os 70 takes do al pacino no Heat já são míticos).

devo confessar um coisa, até nem desgosto de alguns filmes do senhor Bay, mas isso é outra conversa:)



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