quinta-feira, novembro 15, 2007

Scorsese e a Violência

Yeh, that comes up a great deal whenever people mention a Martin Scorsese film. People talk about the violence, but if you look at the films that I've made, the world's that we are depicting in these pictures, Mean Streets for example; they're very very violent. The rules are enforced by the violence of that society. Even with Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore which is about a different area, there is a scene where Ellen Burstyn's character is beaten up by her husband. [Harvey Keitel] Now that's a scene in which violence is shown negatively, it's shown that she doesn't want to be with a person like that and surrounded by violence, so she leaves town. Then Taxi Driver, you're dealing with, again, a very violent milieu and then Raging Bull, here's a man who's life and his job in life is to go into a ring and hit people and get hit and then he comes home and he expresses himself in the same way. He expresses himself through violence. And so, I think because violence figures so prominently in these worlds that I depict, I guess the question is why am I attracted to these worlds?

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